Personal Appearance

German Clothing Sense

Although Germans aren’t global fashion trendsetters, they do enjoy clothes shopping and following trends, which tend to be American.

Teenage girls

  • Wardrobe
    I didn’t see that much difference in the way German teenagers dress, since most follow American trends that are slightly delayed by a season or two.
  • Grooming
    Teenage girls all have long hair. They wear minimal makeup during the day and tend to wear more at night for social activities. Interestingly, the average German spends more money on cosmetics than in any other country in Europe! Girls remove leg hair with wax or an Epilady, but never shave. However, they do shave or wax their underarm hair.

Teenage boys

Teenage boys wear jeans or long pants, which are typically tighter than pants worn in the U.S. Some boys wear jeans with rips in them. Shorts are not as popular in the city center and are seen more in the summer, on vacations and at casual outings. When going to a party, boys tend to dress up a bit more than their American counterparts. For casual wear, teenage boys wear polo shirts and t-shirts and streamlined athletic shoes, not the big footwear that looks clunky. Boys use a lot of products to style their hair. Athletic wear is also popular, as it is in the United States. However, boys rarely leave the house to socialize while wearing sweatpants.


Teenagers normally bath every day, but hair is washed only every other day or a couple of times a week. Teenagers apply deodorant daily, although their grandparents may still not be in the habit of doing so.